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At Big Green Box our purpose is just a bit different.

As a brand, we have the knowledge, power and resources to impact our planet and our community positively, with a focus on responsible recycling and sustainable practices in a do it yourself toolkit that are simple, affordable  and safe for everyone to use.

Inspired by the same principles of environmental integrity, ingenuity, and exceptional safety standards that our parent companies pioneered, at Big Green Box we’re dedicated to sustainable growth by attracting, enthusing, educating and pleasing new consumers every day.  With the increased usage of battery powered smart devices, toys, instruments, tools, small portable electronics, lighting and more,  we’re inspired by a vision to make the world a better place by helping to empower consumers and communities with the tools to recycle ethically, responsibly, safely.  

One battery at a time.  One small appliance at a time.  One laptop or cell phone at a time.

Making the world greener together.

We’re committed to leveraging our vast knowledge of best recycling practices to teach and support every individual who cares about the future of their community and the planet. Our easy to use Big Green Box program provides a user-friendly, affordable solution to do-it-yourself recycling with everything you need to recycle safely, efficiently, without worry. 

Healthy people.
Healthy planet.

We know that discriminating consumers have a desire to support a healthy planet. When you recycle with Big Green Box, you can have the confidence and trust that every detail and safety precaution has been carefully thought of, properly permitted and managed so that you can participate in responsible, healthy, equitable, sustainable recycling, knowing that you have chosen the most experienced and trustworthy recycling team to ensure the safety of your transaction.

Living our values. Everyday.

Our ethical and social purpose transcends everything we do.  From recyclable materials and solar energy, proprietary eco-friendly processes, to approaching our staffing needs and supplier partners with EOE standards in mind, we work hard to foster an inclusive, supportive, environmentally conscious community here at home, and everywhere we promote Big Green Box.


Giving back is our responsibility and great privilege. From philanthropy to education, and a commitment to a greener tomorrow, Big Green Box is changing the way consumers look at our planet and helping families, schools and businesses how to take care of it. For generations to come.


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