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Shipping Non-Spillable Lead Batteries

Big Green Box is committed to bringing recycling excellence and ethics to every home, office and school.

The Big Green Box requires the shipment of Non-Spillable Lead batteries pursuant to D.O.T. SP-16474. The Following summarizes the applicable requirements of those shipping regulations:

  1. Insulation: Lead batteries must be insulated pursuant to Section 2 above on Proper Insulation.
  2. Non-Spillable: Lead Acid batteries may only be shipped in the Big Green Box if they are designated “non-spillable” (i.e. battery acid will not leak from a crack in the casing). Such batteries are typically marked “non-spillable.” Contact the battery manufacturer if type is unknown.
  3. Marking: The container must be marked “Used Batteries for Recycling or Disposal: May Contain Lithium (ion and/or metal) and Non-spillable Batteries. FOR HIGHWAY OR RAIL FREIGHT ONLY- FORBIDDEN FOR TRANSPORTATION BY VESSEL OR AIRCRAFT. This is printed on top of every Big Green Box.

If you have any questions about these shipping regulations, call a customer service rep at 877-461-2345 or email


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