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The Big Green Box requires the shipment of Lithium Ion, Lithium Metal batteries pursuant to DOT- SP 16474. The following summarizes the applicable requirements of those shipping regulations:

  1. Insulation: Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal batteries must be insulated pursuant to Section 2 above on Proper Insulation.
  2. Small Cells Only: Lithium Ion batteries must have a rated capacity lower than 300 watt-hours per battery. Lithium Metal batteries must contain less than 25 grams of lithium content per battery.
    1. For Your Convenience: Common consumer batteries such as those used to power laptops, cell phones, tablets and power tools are typically under the maximum numbers listed.
    2. Size Guidelines: Those with batteries larger than common consumer types described above may use our Lithium Battery Size Guidelines to determine whether lithium batteries may ship in The Big Green Box.
  3. Container Weight: Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal batteries must be packaged in containers weighing less than 66 lbs. Note: The Big Green Box is rated to hold up to 43 lbs. of batteries, which should not be exceeded.
  4. Marking: The Big Green Box provides all markings outlined below to meet D.O.T. SP-16474 shipping requirements.

    Each package must be durably marked:

    1. “Used Batteries for Recycling or Disposal: May Contain Lithium (ion and/or metal) and Nonspillable Batteries. FOR HIGHWAY OR RAIL FREIGHT ONLY- FORBIDDEN FOR TRANSPORTATION BY VESSEL OR AIRCRAFT. This is printed on top of every Big Green Box.
    2. With an emergency response telephone number, accessible 24 hours per day in case of damage to the packaging or contents. This is printed on the top of every Big Green Box, 1-800-424-9300.
    3. Must display Special Permit number, “DOT-SP 16474”. The permit number is printed on the top of every Big Green Box.

If you have any questions about these shipping regulations, call a customer service rep at 877-461-2345 or email info@biggreenbox.com