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Responsible recycling for students and educators.

From elementary schools to college campuses, we’re delighted to see a heightened interest, awareness and focus on sustainable practices.
Students young and old are learning about the environment, recycling, and becoming involved in making their communities a safer place.  College students are known for recycling best practices and getting involved with local and far-reaching programs that impact the eco-system, green practices and global awareness for sustainable solutions. 

 Most importantly, students are invited to learn about the risks and solutions to our environment and better living, recycling best practices, and conservation.  On campuses everywhere, we’re happy to see student organizations and individuals being recognized for research excellence, green initiatives, community involvement,sustainable living, campus, and community programs.

For young students.

For colleges and universities.

For the future.

For administrators, teachers, students, philanthropists, campus and after school clubs, Big Green Box is the perfect complement to elementary school classrooms, dorms and public spaces on college campuses!