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Proper Insulation

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Lithium ion, Lithium metal, Non-Spillable and batteries marked with a rating over 9 volts must be protected against short circuits and dangerous evolution of heat. Suitable methods include, but are not limited to, placing the batteries in individually in plastic bags or taping and covering the exposed terminals. The means of protection used to prevent short circuits must remain in place while the package is in transportation. Devices containing batteries must be protected against short circuits and unintentional activation. This can be achieved by taping the switch in the off position.

For sake of clarity, insulation is not required for Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V), NiCd, or NiMH batteries when marked with a rating of 9 volts and under. This voltage rating should be noted on the battery wrapper or case.

Please note: We ask that you ONLY use clear plastic bags or clear packing tape. This is to make battery identification possible.


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