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Buy It, Fill It, Ship It. That's It!

Big Green Box is a unique and respected do-it-yourself nationwide recycling program offered to consumers, schools, large and small businesses, municipalities and other agencies and organizations that generate spent batteries.  Big Green Box is the low cost and easy way to recycle all of your small portable electronics and spent batteries.

Customers may purchase our self-contained Big Green Box at a very friendly price. We cover all of your shipping, handling and disposal fees for no additional charge! 

Most importantly, The Big Green Box program includes a U.N. certified shipping container and pre-paid shipping to our recycling facility, including all required battery recycling fees. With The Big Green Box, it’s not necessary to pay large fees to waste management companies, nor fill out complicated paperwork.  We do it all!

With the Big Green Box, it is not necessary to pay large fees to waste management companies, fill out complicated paperwork, or look tirelessly around your city or county for a responsible drop-off location. Thanks to the Big Green Box, it is now easy to do the right thing with your used batteries and portable electronics!

Using the Big Green Box is as simple as a three-step process:

Once purchased, the Big Green Box will be shipped to your home, office or business, completely assembled and ready to be set in any location of your choosing.


As batteries and other electronic devices are used up, simply place the individual items in a separate bag OR cover the terminals with clear packing tape and place them inside the Box (the bags/tape prevent unintentional discharges or short circuits).


Once your Big Green Box is ready to be shipped, simply call 1-800-Go-FedEx to schedule a pick up, free of charge, or give the box to any FedEx ground driver that stops by your home or office. It really doesn’t get any easier.

THAT’S IT! The Big Green Box is specifically designed to be a simple, convenient process for you to recycle your batteries and electronics.

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If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-461-2345 or email us at info@biggreenbox.com.