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Our Story

Our philosophy, vision, and commitment to excellence has helped to secure our reputation as trusted leaders in industrial recycling.

We also bring our experience and expertise into households, schools and offices, in a fun,
innovative and safe way.

We’re not new to recycling.

Big Green Box and our extended family of industrial recycling brands collectively represent over 100 years of knowledge, expertise and integrity in recycling. Together our recycling family of brands (Retriev Technologies, Heritage Environmental, KBI) specialize in recycling every type of battery, from large format industrial batteries to electric vehicle batteries, to small household batteries. We’re definitely experts in best practices for battery recycling.

But at Big Green Box, in addition to supporting businesses and corporate clients with their small format battery and electronics recycling needs, we’re here to help everyday people recycle at home, at work, and at school. When you recycle with Big Green Box, you can rest assured that every detail and safety precaution has been carefully thought of, permitted and managed so that you can participate in responsible, healthy, equitable, sustainable recycling, knowing that you have chosen the most experienced and trustworthy recycling team to ensure the safety of your transaction.


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