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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering & Shipping

What is the Big Green Box?

The Big Green Box is a nationwide battery recycling program (excluding Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico) that offers companies, consumers, municipalities, government agencies and other generators a low cost and easy way to recycle their batteries and portable electronic devices. Once The Big Green Box is purchased, all shipping, handling, and recycling fees are included. Each  Big Green Box includes a U.N. approved, PG II, pre-labeled container, pre-paid shipping to and from our permitted recycling facility, and of course, includes all recycling fees. You simply buy it, fill it, & ship it. It truly doesn’t get any easier.

How do I order the Big Green Box?

Order your  Big Green Box today,  from this website, or you can place an order with one of our friendly customer service representatives by calling 877-461-2345. The Big Green Box accepts all major credit cards both online and over the phone.

Our office hours are 6:00am -2:30pm EST Monday-Friday.

You can also reach our customer service team at

How do I ship my Big Green Box?

You can schedule a pickup online by clicking here or call FedEx customer service at 1-800-463-3339. When the auto attendant answers the phone, say “PRP Pickup”. Please provide the FedEx tracking number located on the prepaid shipping label we applied to the lid of your box (below the barcode). Or, if you receive routine FedEx ground deliveries, simply give the box to the driver.      

Please note: FedEx Express drivers are not permitted to collect your Big Green Box. Only FedEx ground drivers can do that.

I need proof of what my company recycled. Will I receive a report after you process my shipment?

Absolutely. After we process your Big Green Box shipment at our permitted recycling facility, we issue a Certificate of Acceptance & Recycling. These documents outline what we received in your Big Green Box and how many pounds. Unlike other battery recycling programs, we automatically send the certificates directly to your email. No need to request them. If you need us to add or change who receives the certificates at your company, please give us a call.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we will gladly accept purchase orders! We do require that customers first fill out and return our BGB Account Application. Completed Account Applications can be emailed to or faxed to (877) 354-7924.

Download copy of Credit App.

Will my return shipping label expire after a certain amount of time?

No, shipping labels never expire.

Before shipping my Big Green Box, do I need to contact customer service to request an RMA number?

No, we do not require RMA numbers.

What are your business hours?

Our hours of operation are Monday- Friday, from 6:00am-2:30pm eastern standard time. You can also reach our customer service team at

Is your service available in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately no. Certain batteries cannot be shipped by passenger aircraft or vessel.

Safety & Packaging

Is the Big Green Box safe?

Yes, completely safe. The Big Green Box meets U.S. Department of Transportation and United Nations packaging standards. We provide packaging instructions that can be easily followed to ensure you package your batteries in a safe and legally compliant manner. In addition, we provide plastic bags for batteries to be placed into, which provides proper insulation for the batteries and prevents unintentional discharges or short-circuiting during transit.

What can I put in the Big Green Box?

Big Green Box is designed for batteries such as: Alkaline, Zinc Carbone, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Lithium Metal, Non-Spillable Lead Acid, button cells and all other dry cell batteries. By dry cell, we mean batteries that do not contain electrolytes, i.e. Auto or Motorcycle batteries. You can also include all portable/handheld electronics: i.e. cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, tablets, power tools, walkie talkies, barcode scanners, sensor monitors, calculators, T.V. remotes, gaming systems, game controllers, cameras, camcorders, key fobs, garage door openers, remote starters, CD players, small radios, personal navigation devices, digital music players. We also take cellphone and laptop accessories such as charging cords, bluetooth, earbuds, USB ports, wireless chargers, power banks, small keyboards, mouse. Please rest assured, any personal data stored on laptops, cell phones will be completely safe. Retriev Technologies has strict security measures in place to safeguard your products until recycling takes place. When recycled, the products are placed on a belt, which leads to our hammermill. The hammermill crushes the device and destroys any data stored on them before being sent down the line for further processing.

How can I tell if my lithium batteries are lithium metal or lithium ion?

Lithium Metal batteries, aka lithium primary, are single use lithium batteries. In other words, once depleted, the battery cannot be recharged for continued use. A few examples would be AA, AAA & 9 volts lithium batteries, lithium coin/button cell batteries. Also, batteries used in digital cameras, watches.  Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries; in other words, once depleted, the battery or portable device can be recharged for continued use, i.e. cellphone, laptop, power tools, IPad or Apple watch.

Can I recycle my cellphone or laptop accessories, I.E. Charging cords, bluetooth, earbuds, usb ports, wireless chargers, power banks?

You certainly can. All accessories used to power portable devices can be recycled.

When do I need to purchase a lithium metal Big Green Box?

Only when needing to recycle over 10 lbs. of non-rechargeable (single use) lithium batteries, i.e. lithium coin/button cells, AA, AAA & 9 volts lithium batteries.

If I purchase a Lithium Big Green Box, can I add other types of batteries you accept?

You certainly can. Our Special Permit allows customers to mix all battery chemistries/types in the same container.

Learn more or purchase your safe and easy to use Lithium Big Green Box here

What if I have lithium batteries that are encased inside plastic or device and cannot be removed? Will I need to remove the batteries, by disassembling the unit?

Not at all. Our automated crusher safely removes the plastic and other components.

My alkaline batteries have a fuzzy/crusty build up on them, some are rusted. Can I ship these batteries in my Big Green Box?

You certainly can. The reason for leaks is that as batteries discharge , either through usage or gradual self-discharge — the chemistry of the cells changes, and some hydrogen gas is generated. This out-gassing increases pressure in the battery. Eventually, the excess pressure either ruptures the insulating seals at the end of the battery, or the outer metal canister, or both. In addition, as the battery ages, its steel outer canister may gradually corrode or rust. Once a leak has formed due to corrosion of the outer steel shell, potassium hydroxide absorbs carbon dioxide from the air to form a feathery crystalline structure of potassium carbonate that grows and spreads out from the battery over time. Potassium Carbonate is corrosive and should be handled with care. We recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses when handling them.

What do I consider a damaged, defective battery?

Lithium-ion batteries that are puffy or expanding, which sometimes happens to cellphone and laptop batteries when overheated. Other examples would be if the battery short circuited, is cracked, punctured or damaged from a fire. We do have special shipping containers available to ship damaged, defective or recalled cellphone and laptop batteries.  If you need assistance with determining if your battery is considered damaged, defective, please contact our friendly customer service team at 877-461-2345.

Learn more about our DDR Laptop Recycling and DDR Cellphone Recycling and order your recycling kit today.

What about my personal information?

Please rest assured, any personal data stored on laptops, cell phones will be completely safe! Big Green Box, a division of Retriev Technologies operates under strict guidelines and rigid security measures to carefully safeguard your products until recycling takes place. Once recycled, the products are placed on a belt, which leads to our hammermill. The hammermill crushes the device and completely destroys any data stored,  before being sent down the line for further processing. 


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