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What is The Big Green Box?

I need proof of what my company recycled. Will I receive a report after you process my shipment?

Is the Big Green Box Safe?

What can I put in The Big Green Box?

How do I order The Big Green Box?

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Will my return shipping label expire after a certain amount of time?

Before shipping my Big Green Box, do I need to contact customer service to request an RMA number?

How can I tell if my lithium batteries are Lithium Metal or Lithium Ion?

Can I recycle my cellphone or laptop accessories, i.e. charging cords, blue tooth, ear buds, USB ports, wireless chargers, power banks?

When do I need to purchase a Lithium Metal Big Green Box?

If I purchase a Lithium Metal Big Green Box, can I add other types of batteries you accept?

What if I have lithium batteries that are encased inside plastic or device and cannot be removed? Will I need to remove the batteries, by disassembling the unit?

My alkaline batteries have a fuzzy/crusty build up on them, some are rusted. Can I ship these batteries in my Big Green Box?

What do I consider a damaged, defective battery?

What are your business hours?