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DDR Program

Big Green Box is committed to bringing recycling excellence and ethics to every home, office and school.

We recycle your damaged and defective laptops and laptop batteries, as well as damaged and defective cellular phones and cell phone batteries, too!

Big Green Box, a division of Retriev Technologies, is pleased to offer an easy-to use and compliant recycling solution for damaged, defective & recalled lithium batteries and devices that contain them. Our DDR recycling kits can be used to ship damaged batteries from your home, office, product recalls, customer or warranty returns. We have a recycling solution for everyone.

Damaged, defective and recalled batteries (DDR) are a hazardous waste, which in most cases means you must ship your batteries as a fully regulated class 9 shipments. When shipping batteries fully regulated, you would be required to complete hazmat training, complete complicated paperwork, worry about using the correct DOT labeling. purchase expensive UN rated shipping containers. 

When using The Big Green Box DDR recycling program, we’ve taken care of all those issues for you. Customers ship under DOT Special Permit 20432, which lets you ship your damaged, defective or recalled batteries or devices as accepted shipments. This means:

  • No hazmat training required
  • No hazmat shipping paperwork to complete
  • No hazmat labels to worry about

Other benefits of using our DDR battery recycling include:

  • Package is non-toxic and completely recyclable.
  • No messy vermiculite beads or pellets needed.
  • No lids or overpacks to keep track of-just return your DDR container for safe recycling.

Your batteries are safely and responsibly recycled at our fully permitted and approved Big Green Box recycling center.  While other companies consolidate and ship spent batteries to other organizations for recycling, and may not be able to control the entire process, at Big Green Box we ensure that every step of your recycling process is approved, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly.  Our parent company, Retriev Technologies, Inc is the global leader in battery recycling and management. That knowledge, expertise, accountability, commitment to excellence and the environment, helps to ensure that we are the safest most respected option for do it yourself recycling. 

With our Big Green Box program, 

  1. Simply purchase a D.O.T. approved recycling kit
  2. Place your batteries inside the fire- retardant packaging
  3. Close it and hand it off to any UPS delivery driver!

 That’s all there is to it!! You won’t find an easier or more cost-effective way to recycle your damaged, defective or recalled batteries or devices.

If you have large quantities of damaged, defective or recalled batteries or devices to recycle, or if you need additional information, please contact our customer service team at 1-877-461-2345 or email .

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 2:00 pm EST. We observe all major holidays.


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