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Choosing the Right Box: Household Batteries

Big Green Box is committed to bringing recycling excellence and ethics to every home, office and school.

Whether you’re at home or at work, our Big Green Box program is the affordable and safe option for recycling all your household batteries. Big Green Box is perfect for commercial use, businesses and government agencies and institutions. At home, you may prefer Big Green Box Mini!

Big Green Box offers certified recycling for all batteries commonly used around the home and office. Perfect for alkaline batteries from your remote control or wireless mouse, rechargeable laptop or cell phone batteries or even your old power tool batteries. See Acceptable Materials below.

Whether you’re recycling everyday batteries  for residential, commercial or government use, each Big Green Box includes all the supplies, permits and instructions you need to compliantly and safely ship your batteries for recycling, including:

  • UN approved fully assembled recycling container with attractive countertop display.
  • D.O.T. Special Permit 16474
  • All outbound and return shipping fees
  • Easy to follow packaging/shipping instructions 
  • Recycling fees for up to 43 lbs. of batteries (Big Green Box "Original") or 10 lbs. of batteries (Big Green Box "Mini"). Refer to exact package size & capacity guidelines for each package.
  • 100 baggies (Big Green Box “Original”) or 1 roll of packing tape (Big Green Box “Mini”).
  • All required labeling/markings
  • Certificate of Acceptance & Recycling sent directly to your email

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