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Battery Chemistries Lithium Metal

Big Green Box is committed to bringing recycling excellence and ethics to every home, office and school.

For both residential and commercial use, Big Green Box is trusted and respected for recycling of all your lithium metal batteries. Nobody knows more about recycling Lithium Metal Batteries than Big Green Box and our recycling family of brands!

Because Lithium Metal Batteries require unique knowledge and handling, we offer special packaging and certified recycling for non-rechargeable/single use lithium batteries widely used in both consumer electronics and industrial applications.  Lithium Metal Batteries are often used in many long-life, or otherwise critical devices such as medical devices, circuit boards, electronic water/gas meters and vehicle transponders

Each Lithium Big Green Box includes all supplies needed to compliantly and safely ship your batteries for recycling which includes:

  • UN approved fully assembled recycling container with attractive countertop display.
  • D.O.T. Special Permit 16474
  • All outbound and return shipping fees
  • Easy to follow packaging/shipping instructions
  • Recycling fees for up to 43 lbs. of batteries
  • All required labeling/markings
  • 1 pack of 100 baggies
  • Certificate of Acceptance & Recycling sent directly to your email

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