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Big Green Box has an array of sizes for all of your battery recycling needs.

The perfect solution for homes and businesses looking for an easy and cost efficient way to recycle their batteries. Help protect the environment while staying compliant with all government regulations for proper shipping and recycling.

The Big Green Box is suitable for many locations, from single family homes, to small offices or large corporate campuses, or even busy retail stores.

Big Green Box "Original"

Perfect for all of your everyday household batteries and small portable electronics, preferred by businesses large and small, municipalities, campus use and government agencies.

from $65.00

Big Green Box "Mini"

Our Big Green Box “Mini” is the perfect size for home use, small offices or virtual workspaces.


Lithium Big Green Box

For generators of lithium metal batteries, this specially treated box offers safe, certified packaging and shipping you can depend on.

from $165.00