The Easy Way to Recycle your Batteries and Electronics

The Big Green Box is a nationwide program that offers companies, consumers, and other generators an easy, low cost way to recycle their batteries and electronics.

Each Big Green Box includes the costs of all shipping, handling and all recycling fees for a one low flat rate (starting at just $36.00).

The Big Green Box is shipped to your home or office completely constructed. Simply place your used batteries into the box, and when full, ship your batteries back to our EPA permitted recycling facility (at no additional charge).

All costs of recycling and shipping are included in the price of the Big Green Box. We also email you a Certificate of Acceptance & Recycling for your records, so you can document just how many batteries you've kept out of the landfill.

Our Products

Household Batteries

Household Batteries

Little Green Box

Little Green Box

Lithium Metal Batteries

Lithium Metal Batteries

Damaged Defective and Recalled Batteries

Damaged Defective and Recalled Batteries


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How it Works

With the Big Green Box, it is no longer necessary to pay large fees to waste management companies, fill out complicated paperwork, or look tirelessly around..

Recycling Technology

When it comes to battery recycling, one size does not fit all. With such an array of different types of batteries, we have developed an equally diverse array of technologies to ensure each..

Safely Packaging Batteries

We are as dedicated to safety as we are to quality service and innovative recycling technology. The US. Department of Transportation (DOT) has established a number..

Battery Recycling Technology

While our Big Green Box collection program has been designed to be as simple as possible, the recycling technology that forms the bedrock of our program is considered to be among the most sophisticated and technologically advanced in the world

Safely Packaging your Batteries

It is critical to package all batteries and electronic devices properly to ensure safe storage and shipping. For that reason, every BGB comes with a set of instructions that explains how to safely package your batteries and electronics, as well as stay compliant with all U.S. DOT shipping regulations.